Daniela Kadlecová

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Context C-6-Geranylated flavonoids possess promising biological activities. These substances could be a source of lead compounds for the development of therapeutics. Objective The study was designed to evaluate their antibacterial and antileishmanial activity. Materials and methods C-6-Geranylated flavanones were tested in micromolar concentrations against(More)
Plasmin, a serine protease, was recently found to be involved in corneal ulcerative processes in humans and rabbits. In our experiments, plasmin activity was found in the tear fluid after mechanical and chemical damage of the rabbit cornea, such as de-epithelization and burning with alkali. The plasmin concentrations in the tear fluid were dependent on the(More)
Scorzonera species are used in different folk medicines to combat many diseases, including the illnesses connected with inflammation. Previous experiments showed anti-inflammatory activity of Scorzonera extracts in vivo. S. latifolia, S. cana var. jacquiniana, S. tomentosa, S. mollis ssp. szowitsii, S. eriophora, S. incisa, S. cinerea, and S. parviflora(More)
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