Daniela Künster

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In the stationary hand, static joint-position sense originates from multimodal somatosensory input (e.g., joint, skin, and muscle). In the moving hand, however, it is uncertain how movement sense arises from these different submodalities of proprioceptors. In contrast to static-position sense, movement sense includes multiple parameters such as motion(More)
2 3 4 5 Contributions of skin and muscle afferent input 6 to movement sense in the human hand 7 8 9 Paul J. Cordo, PhD, Dept. Biomedical Engineering 10 Oregon Health & Science University 11 12 Jean-Louis Horn, MD, Dept. Anesthesiology 13 Oregon Health & Science University 14 15 Daniela Künster, MS, Dept. Physical Medicine 16 University of Freiburg, Germany(More)
The progression of sensory blockade in the hand following a forearm Bier block with ropivacaine is currently unknown. The hands of 10 healthy adult human subjects were anesthetized with ropivacaine, and their sensitivities to cold and touch were tested until the completion of anesthesia. On average, insensitivity to cold occurred uniformly throughout the(More)
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