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Various prototype based learning techniques have recently been extended to similarity data by means of kernelization. While state-of-the-art classification results can be achieved this way, kernelization loses one important property of prototype-based techniques: a representation of the solution in terms of few characteristic prototypes which can directly(More)
Due to its intuitive learning algorithms and classification behavior, learning vector quantization (LVQ) enjoys a wide popularity in diverse application domains. In recent years, the classical heuristic schemes have been accompanied by variants which can be motivated by a statistical framework such as robust soft LVQ (RSLVQ). In its original form, LVQ and(More)
BACKGROUND HIV-disease progression correlates with immune activation. Here we investigated whether corticosteroid treatment can attenuate HIV disease progression in antiretroviral-untreated patients. METHODS Double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial including 326 HIV-patients in a resource-limited setting in Tanzania (clinicaltrials.gov(More)