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Quantitative measures of cluster quality for use in extracellular recordings
While the use of multi-channel electrodes (stereotrodes and tetrodes) has allowed for the simultaneous recording and identification of many neurons, quantitative measures of the quality of neurons inExpand
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Verben mit un-Präfix im älteren Deutsch
In former stages of German we find a workd formation un + verb, like in old high german unsubaren 'to pollute' or middle high german unkiuschen 'to be not chaste'. Grimm and Henzen inform about thisExpand
Intersecting Multiargument Feature Specifications
Multiargument agreement poses a problem for the algorithmic learning of inflection: While the invariant morphosyntactic features of a marker can often be computed by intersecting the features of theExpand
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Hierarchy-governed Insertion and CFDmarkers in Potawatomi
Potwatomi, a Central Algonquian language, shows cross-referencing of subject and object on the verb. In this paper we want to argue that the order of agreement suffixes is governed by a hierarchy 1≫Expand
Assessing the typology of person portmanteaux
There is a widespread intuition in the literature that the distribution of portmanteaux affixes in transitive agreement paradigms is at least partially non-arbitrary and exhibits a strongExpand