Daniela Gutiérrez-Mendoza

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BACKGROUND Most patients with oral mucosal melanoma have had a mucosal hyper pigmented area for months or even years before the diagnosis, it is important to consider the differential diagnosis of mucosal melanoma, which in many cases is a difficult diagnosis and because of the aggressive biological behavior of mucosal melanoma it is important to do a quick(More)
BACKGROUND Progressive hemifacial atrophy or Parry-Romberg Syndrome (PRS) is a rare, acquired, progressive dysplasia of subcutaneous tissue and bone characterized by unilateral facial involvement. Its etiology is unknown, but theories about its pathogenesis include infectious, degenerative, autoimmune, and traumatic causes among others. The causal(More)
Pigmented tumors have similar clinical features that overlap and hamper diagnosis. Dermoscopy increases the diagnostic accuracy of doubtful melanocytic lesions and has been used as a noninvasive tool in the detection of pigmented lesions (PLs) like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and pigmented Bowen's disease (pBD). Our objective was to show the dermoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND B-Raf is a serine/threonine protein kinase activating the MAP kinase/ERK-signaling pathway. It has been shown that 50% of melanomas harbor activating BRAF mutations, with over 90% being the V600E mutation. OBJECTIVE The goal of this research was to determine the prevalence of the BRAF V600E mutation in patients from Central Mexico diagnosed(More)
Confluent and reticulated Gougerot-Carteaud papillomatosis is an uncommon dermatological condition that affects adolescents, especially young women with dark skin types. It presents itself as asymptomatic pigmented patches with a papillomatous texture that coalesce to form reticular plaques localized in the neck and intertriginous areas. The cause of this(More)
Foreign modelling agent reactions (FMAR) are the result of the injection of unapproved high-viscosity fluids with the purpose of cosmetic body modelling. Its consequences lead to ulceration, disfigurement and even death, and it has reached epidemic proportions in several regions of the world. We describe a series of patients treated for FMARs in a(More)
Art is beauty, reasoning, science and profession. Medicine is an art because it combines all these skills. But in the practice of medicine, experience is required and it can only be obtained through practice. Dermatology is also an art; it is learned through looking. To look is the act of perceiving the color and form of things through the eyes. The(More)
BACKGROUND Onychocryptosis is one of the most common painful nail conditions. Conservative treatment may take a long time to obtain effective results. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to show the effectiveness of a conservative treatment of ingrown nails that shows rapid results. METHODS AND MATERIALS Patients with painful Stage 1 to 2(More)
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