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UNLABELLED Accurate information about type, degree, and configuration of hearing loss are necessary for successful audiological early interventions. Auditory brainstem response with tone burst stimuli (TB ABR) and auditory steady-state response (ASSR) exams provide this information. AIM To analyze the clinical applicability of TB ABR and ASSR at 2 kHz in(More)
INTRODUCTION Individuals with sensorineural hearing loss are often able to regain some lost auditory function with the help of hearing aids. However, hearing aids are not able to overcome auditory distortions such as impaired frequency resolution and speech understanding in noisy environments. The coexistence of peripheral hearing loss and a central(More)
UNLABELLED It is of paramount importance to install hearing rehabilitation programs for the elderly. AIM To check the efficacy of a forma auditory training program for elderly patients fitted with hearing aids for at least three months, by means of speech recognition tests and self-assessment questionnaires. METHODS Longitudinal contemporary cohort(More)
UNLABELLED Research has shown that dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint is often associated with tinnitus. AIM To characterize tinnitus in individuals with normal hearing and search for a possible relationship with Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). STUDY DESIGN prospective and cross-sectional. MATERIALS AND METHODS The participants included 20(More)
BACKGROUND the behavioral auditory processing (AP) evaluation allows the investigation of neuroaudiological processes involved in speech fluency processing. AIM the purpose of this study was to describe the results obtained in the AP evaluation in stutterers, comparing the type of AP disorder with the severity of stuttering. METHOD 56 subjects, 49 male(More)
UNLABELLED Otoacoustic Emissions are generated by the cochlea in response to sound stimuli. They can be generated by clicks or specific frequency stimuli, such as tone pips. This is a quick and objective test with several applications. OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of the type of stimulus achieving otoacoustic emissions in individuals with mild(More)
O referido estudo foi realiza-do no Instituto de Nefrologia de Taubaté, Taubaté, SP. Declaramos a inexistência de conflitos de interesse. Resumo Introdução: A canulação da fístula arte-riovenosa (FAV) pode ser realizada pelas técnicas de punção por área, rotatória ou em casa de botão (CB); entretanto, a téc-nica ideal ainda não foi estabelecida. Ob-jetivo:(More)
Influência do tipo de transdutor na deficiência auditiva de grau profundo. Abstract Background: individuals with profound hearing loss may present vibrotactile responses when tested with supra-aural earphones due to the large skull area exposed to vibration in these transducers. Aim: to verify the influence of the type of transducer when assessing air(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of a formal auditory training program on the behavioral, electrophysiological and subjective aspects of auditory function in individuals with bilateral high-frequency hearing loss. METHOD A prospective study of seven individuals aged 46 to 57 years with symmetric, moderate high-frequency hearing loss ranging from 3 to 8(More)