Daniela Geppert

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Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of zinc endopeptidases that have been implicated in various disease processes. Different classes of MMP inhibitors, including hydroxamic acids, phosphinic acids and thiols, have been previously described. Most of these mimic peptides and most likely bind in a similar way to the corresponding peptide substrates.(More)
The NOMAD experiment is currently collecting data at the CERN SPS. The detector is now being completed, as speci ed in the original proposal, and has been further improved. All subdetectors are functioning well. The experiment is searching for ! neutrino oscillations and is sensitive to the mass di erence squared m2 > 0:7 eV2. Maximal sensitivity with(More)
This paper analyzes how policy changes affect shareholder wealth in the context of environmental regulation. We exploit the unique and unexpected German reaction to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which involved the immediate shutdown of almost half of Germany’s nuclear reactors while safety checks were carried out, and a three-month moratorium on(More)
The NOMAD experiment is a short base-line search for νμ → ντ oscillations in the CERN neutrino beam. The ντ ’s are searched for through their charged-current interactions followed by the observation of the resulting τ− through its electronic, muonic or hadronic decays. These decays are recognized using kinematical criteria necessitating the use of a light(More)
We report the rst precision measurements of the scaled momentum, the charge multi-plicity, and the thrust of hadronic jets in the Breit frame in Deep Inelastic Scattering N and N charged current events over the Q 2 range from 1 to 100 GeV 2. The neutrino data, obtained in the NOMAD experiment at the CERN SPS, extend the Q 2-evolution of these parameters by(More)
A search for exotic Θ baryon via Θ → p + K S decay mode in the NOMAD νμN data is reported. The special background generation procedure was developed. The proton identification criteria are tuned to maximize the sensitivity to the Θ signal as a function of xF which allows to study the Θ + production mechanism. We do not observe any evidence for the Θ state(More)
CERN-EP/98-047 23 March 1998 SEARCH FOR A NEW GAUGE BOSON IN 0 DECAYS The NOMAD Collaboration Abstract A search was made for a new light gauge boson X which might be produced in 0 ! +X decay from neutral pions generated by 450-GeV protons in the CERN SPS neutrino target. The X's would penetrate the downstream shielding and be observed in the NOMAD detector(More)
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