Daniela Faur

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In natural hazards management applications Earth Observation (EO) image processing methods are based on segmentation and classification. The result primary consists of thematic maps which are readily interpretable. We propose a complete EO image processing chain, which generates an end product with increased information content organized in thematic layers.(More)
Base Image Retrieval approach. The results include detailed semantic categories for rapid mapping. Each data mining scenario includes three stages: Data Annotations, Data Query and Quantitative analysis of the results. In the end, based on query results, a semantic map of affected regions can be developed. In addition to the traditional approach the(More)
Nowadays the Earth Observation sensors provide images containing detailed information relevant for applications related to hazard or security matters. Unfortunately, the process of EO image analysis, interpretation and transformation in products useful to the rescue or decision teams is still a laborious task, effectuated many times by visual inspection and(More)