Daniela Farani de Souza

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Pleurotus pulmonarius (Fr) Quélet, produced laccase as the main ligninolytic enzyme when cultivated on solid-state cultures using corn cob as substrate. The addition of copper greatly increased the production of enzyme. The addition of 25.0 mM CuSO4 increased the level of laccase from 270 to 1,420 U.L-1 and the fungus showed high resistance to copper under(More)
The production of ligninolytic enzymes (laccase and Mn-dependent peroxidase) by the white-rot fungus Pleurotus pulmonarius (FR.) Quélet was studied in solid-state cultures using agricultural and food wastes as substrate. The highest activities of laccase were found in wheat bran (2,860 ± 250 U/L), pineapple peel (2,450 ± 230 U/L), and orange bagasse (2,100(More)
The effect of glucose and other soluble sugars (xylose, fructose, maltose, cellobiose and lactose) in the production of amylases by Aspergillus tamarii was studied in solid state fermentation (SSF). Wheat bran solid state cultures were resistant to catabolite repression even at high concentration of glucose (10%). Results show the potential of solid state(More)
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