Daniela Ekendahl

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NaCl is a cheap and widely available material. This study investigated the potential of NaCl in the form of a household salt as a retrospective and accident dosemeter using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). Samples of the investigated household salt were stimulated using blue light of linearly modulated power. Attention was concentrated on(More)
Alumina substrate can be found in electronic components used in portable electronic devices. The material is radiation sensitive and can be applied in dosimetry using thermally or optically stimulated luminescence. Electronic portable devices such as mobile phones, USB flash discs, mp3 players, etc., which are worn close to the body, can represent  personal(More)
As workers in interventional radiology belong to one of the most occupationally exposed groups, methods for sufficiently accurate quantification of their external exposure are sought. The objective of the authors' experiment was to investigate the relations between eye lens dose and Hp(10), Hp(3) or Hp(0.07) values measured with a conventional whole-body(More)
A Timepix detector covered with polyethylene convertors of different thicknesses is presented as a fast neutron real-time dosemeter. The application of different weighting factors in connection with the position of a signal in a Timepix detector enables one to obtain an energy-dependent signal equal to neutron dose equivalents. A simulation of a Timepix(More)
UNLABELLED The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has a long tradition of supporting development of methodologies for national networks providing quality audits in radiotherapy. A series of co-ordinated research projects (CRPs) has been conducted by the IAEA since 1995 assisting national external audit groups developing national audit programs. The(More)
The National Radiation Protection Institute in Prague is about to use a commercially available multi-element whole-body thermoluminescence dosimeter for its radiation personnel. During the phase of practical verification of the method, the dosimeter was tested, among others, in mixed neutron-photon fields in the area of interim storages for spent nuclear(More)
Salt (NaCl) represents a radiation sensitive material with a considerable potential for dosimetry in mixed radiation fields of photons and neutrons. In consequence of a gamma radiation exposure, it exhibits a strong luminescence signal following stimulation with blue light. Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technique can be used for measurement.(More)
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