Daniela Eggle

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MOTIVATION Wnt signaling is a very active area of research with highly relevant publications appearing at a rate of more than one per day. Building and maintaining databases describing signal transduction networks is a time-consuming and demanding task that requires careful literature analysis and extensive domain-specific knowledge. For instance, more than(More)
Streptomycetes have high biotechnological relevance as producers of diverse metabolites widely used in medical and agricultural applications. The biosynthesis of these metabolites is controlled by signalling molecules, γ-butyrolactones, that act as bacterial hormones. In Streptomyces coelicolor, a group of signalling molecules called SCBs (S.(More)
UNLABELLED IlluminaGUI is a graphical user interface implemented for analyzing microarray data from the Illumina BeadChip platform. All key components of a microarray experiment, including quality control, normalization, inference and classification methods are provided in a 'point and click' approach. IlluminaGUI is implemented as a R package based on the(More)
More than 100,000 human genetic variations have been described in various genes that are associated with a wide variety of diseases. Such data provides invaluable information for both clinical medicine and basic science. A number of locus-specific databases have been developed to exploit this huge amount of data. However, the scope, format and content of(More)
BACKGROUND The MAQC project demonstrated that microarrays with comparable content show inter- and intra-platform reproducibility. However, since the content of gene databases still increases, the development of new generations of microarrays covering new content is mandatory. To better understand the potential challenges updated microarray content might(More)
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