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Factor VIII (FVIII) is a multidomain blood plasma glycoprotein. Activated FVIII acts as a cofactor to the serine protease factor IXa within the membrane-bound tenase complex assembled on the activated platelet surface. Defect or deficiency in FVIII causes haemophilia A, a severe hereditary bleeding disorder. Intravenous administration of plasma-derived(More)
Membrane-bound Factor VIII (FVIII) has a critical function in blood coagulation as the pro-cofactor to the serine-protease Factor IXa (FIXa) in the FVIIIa-FIXa complex assembled on the activated platelet membrane. Defects or deficiency of FVIII cause Hemophilia A, a mild to severe bleeding disorder. Despite existing crystal structures for FVIII, its(More)
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