Daniela D'Auria

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Cricothyrotomy is a life-saving procedure performed when an airway cannot be established through less invasive techniques. One of the main challenges of the research community in this area consists in designing and building a low-cost simulator that teaches essential anatomy, and providing a method of data collection for performance evaluation and guided(More)
One of the most important qualities of the physical environment in which humans live is spatial dimensionality. Talking about 3D, we usually think of 3D video, even if it is not the only existing channel of natural interaction. In this paper, we present an interaction system based on spatialized sounds. We developed an application in the cultural heritage(More)
Shift work and night work in particular have been associated with sleep difficulties, general malaise, fatigue, peptic ulceration, ischaemic heart disease, cigarette smoking and adverse pregnancy outcome. The medical conditions previously regarded as making individuals unsuitable for shift work show wide ranging patho-physiological activity and there is no(More)
Precision agriculture has been increasingly recognized for its potential ability to improve agricultural productivity, reduce production cost, and minimize damage to the environment. In this work, the current stage of our research in developing a mobile platform equipped with different sensors for orchard monitoring and sensing is presented. In particular,(More)
The increasing use of IT/Informatics within the healthcare context is more and more helpful for both medical doctors and patients in all the surgical specialities. In this paper, we propose a low-cost system exploiting a haptic interface aided by a glove sensorized on the wrist allowing the identification of the wrist orientation for supporting patients(More)
Tracked robots are becoming more and more useful in a wide range of contexts, such as transport, industry and agriculture. However, their main drawbacks are due to the lack of accuracy, especially when they are equipped with sensors. For such reasons, in this paper we present a concrete application of the tracked robots within the agricultural context. We(More)
In latest years modern world's needs of safety caused a speed spreading of video surveillance systems, more and more frequently collocated in the most crowded places. Thus, a lot of theoretical approaches working with data coming from heterogeneous sources and defining some very complex event detection algorithms have been proposed in the literature. In(More)