Daniela Cristina Silva Baldan

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Hydride complexes IrHCl(2)(PiPr(3))P(2) (1) and IrHCl(2)P(3) (2) [P = P(OEt)(3) and PPh(OEt)(2)] were prepared by allowing IrHCl(2)(PiPr(3))(2) to react with phosphite in refluxing benzene or toluene. Treatment of IrHCl(2)P(3), first with HBF(4).Et(2)O and then with an excess of ArCH(2)N(3), afforded benzyl azide complexes(More)
Materials and methods We evaluated 37 women outpatients of the Hospital of Unicamp, divided into two groups: preoperative (PreOp, n=16) and postoperative of gastric bypass Y Roux (PosOp, n=21). The mean age was 36.7±7.8 and 40.7±9.3 yrs. and BMI 47.2±3.8 and 26.7±3.3 kg/m2, respectively. Food choices were evaluated by Taste Attitude Scale, divide into(More)
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