Daniela Cristina Munhoz

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Peroxiredoxins are receiving increasing attention as defenders against oxidative damage and sensors of hydrogen peroxide-mediated signaling events. Likely to be critical for both functions is a rapid reaction with hydrogen peroxide, typically with second-order rate constants higher than 10(5) M(-1) s(-1). Until recently, however, the values reported for(More)
The cytosolic thioredoxin peroxidase II (cTPxII/Tsa2p) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae shares 86% identity with the relatively well characterized cytosolic thioredoxin peroxidase I (cTPxI/Tsa1p). In contrast to cTPxI protein, cTPxII is not abundant and is highly inducible by peroxides. Here, we describe a unique phenotype for DeltacTPxII strain; these cells(More)
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