Daniela Ciampoli

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The colonization of the rodent gastrointestinal tract by enteric neuron precursors is controversial due to the lack of specific cellular markers at early stages. The transcription factor, Phox2b, is(More)
Cells of the enteric nervous system are derived from the neural crest. Probes to a number of molecules identify neural crest-derived cells within the gastrointestinal tract of embryonic mice prior to(More)
The embryonic gastrointestinal tract develops from a simple tube into a coiled, flexed, and regionalized structure. The changes in gut morphology coincide with the differentiation of multiple cell(More)
 The presence of NADPH diaphorase staining was compared with the immunohistochemical localization of four NADPH-dependent enzymes – neuronal (type I), inducible (type II), and endothelial (type III)(More)
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