Daniela Carotti

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Two clones of the L5 myoblast line (M6 and the fusion-defective M12) were examined for the expression of myogenin, one of the regulatory genes involved in the regulation of differentiation to myofibers after treatment with 3-deazaadenosine, a metabolic inhibitor of methyl transfer reactions. Cultures treated with 3-deazaadenosine showed, using Northern blot(More)
Thioredoxin plays a crucial role in a wide number of physiological processes, which span from reduction of nucleotides to deoxyriboucleotides to the detoxification from xenobiotics, oxidants and radicals. The redox function of Thioredoxin is critically dependent on the enzyme Thioredoxin NADPH Reductase (TrxR). In view of its indirect involvement in the(More)
CpG islands are distinguishable from the bulk of vertebrate DNA for being unmethylated and CpG-rich. Since CpG doublets are the specific target of eukaryotic DNA methyltransferases, CpG-rich sequences might be expected to be good methyl-accepting substrates in vitro, despite their unmethylated in vivo condition. This was tested using a partially purified(More)
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