Daniela C.R. Ferreira

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As microRNAs (miRNAs) are important regulators of many biological processes, a series of small RNAomes from plants have been produced in the last decade. However, miRNA data from several groups of plants are still lacking, including some economically important crops. Here microRNAs from Coffea canephora leaves were profiled and 58 unique sequences belonging(More)
Cellulose carboxylate/tosylate mixed esters (Cel-Carboxy/Ts) were synthesized with constant degree of tosylation, DSTs=0.98 and variable degree of acylation, DSCarboxy; acetate, butanoate, and hexanoate. The tosylate (Cel-Ts) was prepared by reacting cellulose with tosyl chloride in presence of trimethylamine. The mixed esters were obtained by reacting(More)
This paper investigates the structure of the products obtained from the polymerization of aniline with ammonium persulfate in a citrate/phosphate buffer solution at pH 3 by resonance Raman, NMR, FTIR, and UV-vis-NIR spectroscopies. All the spectroscopic data showed that the major product presented segments that were formed by a 1,4-Michael reaction between(More)
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