Daniela Boecker

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The presence of glucose dissolved in an aqueous solution increases the refractive index of the solution and therefore has an influence on the scattering properties of any particles suspended within it. We present experimental data on the effect of glucose concentration on the scattering coefficient of a suspension of spherical polystyrene particles. The(More)
This study deals with spontaneous regeneration of fen and steppe meadows and corresponding soil properties on extensively managed ex-arable fields. Our first main aim was to analyse the nature of relations between various vegetation and soil parameters and time since abandonment and to determine the time needed for regeneration. Our second major goal was to(More)
The contrast between samples simulating musculoskeletal neoplasms and muscle or bone marrow achieved with FLASH sequences, was analysed in phantom studies and was compared with theoretically calculated contrast with and without correction for flip angle distribution over the slice profile. The contrast was correlated closer with the flip angle than with TR(More)
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