Daniela Bekermann

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p-Type Co(3)O(4) nanostructured films are synthesized by a plasma-assisted process and tested in the photocatalytic production of H(2) from water/ethanol solutions under both near-UV and solar irradiation. It is demonstrated that the introduction of fluorine into p-type Co(3)O(4) results in a remarkable performance improvement with respect to the(More)
Supported fluorine-doped alpha-Fe2O3 nanomaterials were synthesized by Plasma Enhanced-Chemical Vapor Deposition (PE-CVD) at temperatures between 300 and 500 degrees C, using a fluorinated iron(II) diketonate-diamine compound as a single-source precursor for both Fe and F. The system structure, morphology and composition were thoroughly investigated by(More)
Plasma processing represents an attractive and versatile option for the fabrication of low-dimensional nanomaterials, whose chemical and physical properties can be conveniently tailored for the development of advanced technologies. In particular, Plasma Enhanced-Chemical Vapor Deposition (PE-CVD) is an appealing route to multi-functional oxide(More)
Novel mixed amido/imido/guanidinato complexes of niobium are reported. The complexes were synthesized by insertion of two equivalents of di-isopropylcarbodiimide (i-Pr-cdi) or bis-cyclohexylcarbodiimide (Cy-cdi) respectively, into the niobium-amido bonds of [Nb(NR(2))(3)(N-t-Bu)] (, R = Me; , R = Et) starting out from [NbCl(3)(N-t-Bu)(py)(2)] and the(More)
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