Daniela Barnabé

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Sparkling wines (SW) have a special biological ageing on lees that is performed using two distinct methods: in the bottle (Champenoise) or in isobaric tanks (Charmat method). The objective of this study was to compare the levels of phenolic compounds, β-Glucosidase and antioxidant activity during the ageing on lees, in samples of SW produced at industrial(More)
The authors report an extremely rare case: a bony giant cell tumour in the temporo-sphenoidal region presenting with hearing loss and vertigo. The main characteristics of these tumours are given, together with a literature review. This is the 5th published case of this tumour in the temporo-sphenoidal region. The treatment of these tumours is essentially(More)
Sparkling wines contain CO(2) obtained through a second fermentation by natural processes (Charmat method); they may be prepared with variable final sugar concentrations, resulting in physicochemical compositions and phenolic profiles different to those obtained with other natural methods. The purpose of this study was to verify the influence of sweetness(More)
Cannot simply be considered as a nociception phenomenon: it is more complex than a simple transmission system that conveys this information to the cerebral cortex. It is mainly a psychological event. Numerous regulating and inhibiting effects on incoming pain signals exist, for the most part located in spinal and thalamic areas; only half of these are(More)
The authors present a case of mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis of the nose in a patient originally from French Guiana and review the characteristics of this parasitic disease and its importance in the differential diagnosis of lethal midline granuloma. Beyond the exotic pathology of this case, the review of the literature indicates that with the present(More)
After recalling the components and the factors influencing the pain, are stated the main reasons which needs for the evaluation of the pain. The different methods allowing an evaluation of the pain are then described with their advantages and disadvantages. These methods are based on, on one hand on questonary with as a support the use of different mono or(More)