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The traditional virtual machine usage model advocates placing security mechanisms in a trusted VM layer and letting the untrusted guest OS run unaware of the presence of virtualization. In this work we challenge this traditional model and propose a collaboration approach between a virtualization-aware operating system and a VM layer to prevent tampering(More)
The possibility of increasing the aggregated value of the huge amount of residues generated by wineries around the world foment studies using the grape pomace - the residue from the wine production, composed by seed, skin and stems - to obtain functional ingredients. Nowadays, consumers in general prefer natural and safe products mainly for food and(More)
The growth rate and the protein level of two swine cell sublines, one of them with a diploid and the other with a tetraploied level of chromosomes, were studied during 96 hours at 37--38 degrees C. Both of them showed similar growth rates, although the cell number of the diploid cell subline had been higher than the tetraploid cell subline on the first(More)
Experiment to study the evolution of infestations of Corcyra cephalonica in peeled peanuts, grain corn, wheat flour and grain coffee, were carried out in Santos and in São Paulo (State of São Paulo, Brazil). In the experimental conditions, more emergence resulted from peanuts followed by grain corn and third by wheat flour; a very small number of moths(More)
The objective of this work was to estimate the antioxidant potential of the extracts from pink shrimp residue and red grape pomaces (Merlot and Syrah varietals), evaluated according to its antioxidant activity with different analytical methods, associating these properties with the chemical composition of the extract and, as a consequence, with the(More)
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