Daniel de Santos-Sierra

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Keystroke dynamics biometrics through computers are based in the time that users need to press and hold keys and often present too small amount of information. This limitation is eliminated in the environment of mobile devices due to a variety of sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure and finger size) can be used to acquire useful information from(More)
Unconstrained and contact-free hand recognition problem with mobile devices is not solved yet because these systems have to deal with hard problems like different backgrounds and illumination. Algorithms to perform an image segmentation in order to create regions in the image with the same semantic meaning are a work in progress. Graph theory has been used(More)
In vitro primary cultures of dissociated invertebrate neurons from locust ganglia are used to experimentally investigate the morphological evolution of assemblies of living neurons, as they self-organize from collections of separated cells into elaborated, clustered, networks. At all the different stages of the culture's development, identification of(More)
Large scale phase-contrast images taken at high resolution through the life of a cultured neuronal network are analyzed by a graph-based unsupervised segmentation algorithm with a very low computational cost, scaling linearly with the image size. The processing automatically retrieves the whole network structure, an object whose mathematical representation(More)
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