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We present a new paradigm for computer assisted language learning (CALL). This paradigm aims at the development of linguistically and pedagogically competent Web-browsers for autonomous exploration of a second language (L2). We introduce Gymn@zilla, a browser-like application, which converts Web-pages automatically into language lessons. Gymn@zilla combines(More)
Mots-clefs – Keywords langues minoritaires, extraction terminologique basé sur les examples minority languages, example-based term extraction, n-gram similarity Résumé-Abstract Cette communication traite leprobì eme de l'extraction de termes pour les langues minoritaires. Nous présentons une méthode basée sur des exemples qui fonctionne même si les(More)
The authors have developed the Internet browser application Gymn@zilla for L2-learning. In this paper they present a dynamical image annotation: Gymn@zilla automatically provides explanatory images drawn from Internet for words in L2. The Internet-images are often photos of daily events. The authors discuss the psycholinguistic implications of images in L2(More)
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