Daniel Zhang

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Learning a second language is challenging. Becoming fluent requires learning contextual information about how language should be used as well as word meanings and grammar. The majority of existing language learning applications provide only thin context around content. In this paper, we present Crystallize, a collaborative 3D game that provides rich context(More)
  • Magnus Lindh, To Pia, Alvin, Joel, Artikel I, Magnus Ii +15 others
  • 2016
Paper I: We study how annual plants with and without growth constraints should optimize their flowering time when productivity or season length changes. With a dynamic ontogenetic growth model and optimal control theory we prove that a bang-bang reproductive control is optimal under constrained growth and constant mortality rate. We find that growth(More)
Although recombinant adeno-associated virus serotype 3 (AAV3) vectors were largely ignored previously, owing to their poor transduction efficiency in most cells and tissues examined, our initial observation of the selective tropism of AAV3 serotype vectors for human liver cancer cell lines and primary human hepatocytes has led to renewed interest in this(More)
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