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INTRODUCTION Myofascial pain syndrome in the pelvic floor is a very common condition in the urological field and is often ignored or misdiagnosed. OBJECTIVES To present the prevalence of this syndrome to professionals of urology through a systematic review of existing literature and its potentials for diagnosis and treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Myofascial pain syndrome of the pelvic floor (MPSPF) is a common disease in the context of chronic pelvic pain (CPP); however, there is currently no gold-standard test to diagnose it. OBJECTIVE To validate the turns-amplitude analysis (TAA) as a diagnostic test for MPSPF in patients with CPP. METHODS A case-control study was performed, and(More)
Objetivos: Dar a conocer su existencia a los profesionales de la urología a travé s de una revisió n sistemá tica de la bibliografía existente y sus posibilidades de diagnostico y tratamiento. Material y método: Realizamos una bú squeda bibliográ fica a travé s de la base de datos)Pubmed* utilizando los té rminos)Pudendal nerve*,)Pudendal nerve entrapment(More)
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