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Bone strength is influenced by many properties intrinsic to bone, including its mass, geometry, and mineralization. To further advance our understanding of the genetic basis of bone-strength-related traits, we used a large (n = 815), moderately (G(4) ) advanced intercross line (AIL) of mice derived from a high-runner selection line (HR) and the C57BL/6J(More)
As a decentralized digital currency, one of the features Bitcoin draws its security from is that its clients broadcast transaction or block messages to a number of randomly selected peers to share their view of the current state of the transaction history. This feature makes it very hard for an attacker to manipulate the victim’s view of the network for(More)
Studies addressing the molecular aspects of the postulated cross-reactivity between the HLA-B27 antigens and the bacteria known to precipitate arthritis (e.g., Shigella, Salmonella, Yersinia and Campylobacter) are reviewed. In conclusion, the necessity for further research into the pathogenesis of arthritis is stressed.
This project addresses the task of Automatic Generation of Gripping Positions for assembly operations. It presents an algorithm to find the gripping faces for a two jaw gripper based on features of the object and the geometry of the object and assembly. The geometric data of the object is obtained from a solid modeler(IDEAS). The geometric data of the(More)
Utility mining, which refers to the discovery of itemsets with utilities higher than a user-specified minimum utility threshold, is an important task and has a wide range of applications, especially in e-commerce. But setting an appropriate minimum utility threshold is a difficult problem. If the minimum threshold is set to low, too many high utility(More)
There is increasing demand to integrate big data analytic systems using SQL. Given the vast ecosystem of SQL applications, enabling SQL capabilities allows big data platforms to expose their analytic potential to a wide variety of end users, accelerating discovery processes and providing significant business value. Most existing big data frameworks are(More)
As for mainstream portable application (Mobile Phone, Tablet, Handset Gamer), the higher density (array IO pitch <= 100um), higher thermal performance (better theta JA than overmold FCCSP) and lower profile (compare with overmold FCCSP) is necessary for package developing. As to satisfy the marketing needs, some suitable solution can be(More)
BACKGROUND The Johns Hopkins Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) was invited to collaborate with the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Solomon Islands, to establish an acute care pediatric education program for the country's inaugural class of national medical graduate trainees. OBJECTIVE To develop and evaluate a sustainable, need-based(More)
1. Bacterial interference with mucosal immunity, by M. Kilian . . . . . . . . . . 444 2. IgA antibody response in Yersinia-triggered reactive arthritis, by K. Granfors, T. Sffthlberg, D. T. Y. Yu & A. Toivanen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 445 3. Serology to enterobacteria with HLA-B27-1ike cell envelope antigens in ankylosing spondylitis, by(More)
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