Daniel Yankelevich

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The value of information depends directly on the quality of the data used. Decisions are no better than the data on which they are based. How can organizations assess the quality of their information? How can they know if their data are useful? Quality control and management have become competitive needs for most businesses today, and there is a wide(More)
A critical challenge faced by the developer of a software system is to understand whether the system's components correctly integrate. While type theory has provided substantial help in detecting and preventing errors in mismatched static properties, much work remains in the area of dynamics. In particular, components make assumptions about their behavioral(More)
This paper investigates the use of abstract-interpretation-inspired techniques for improving the performance of procedures for determining when systems satisfy formulas in branching-time temporal logic. A framework for abstracting system descriptions is developed, and a particular method for generating abstract systems from given abstractions on system(More)
Detecting software architecture inconsistencies is a critical issue in software design. Software systems are described in terms of components, component behavior and interaction and mismatch detection is explored through techniques based on behavior analysis. Integration problems, however , are not only caused by behavioral mismatch: components make(More)
We have developed a simple, high-speed, nearly vibration-free, mechanically scanned, optical delay line suitable for femtosecond time-resolved signal-averaging measurements. We demonstrate a 2-ps time window autocorrelator with a display updated at 400 Hz. The delay line uses a dithering planar mirror as a time-varying linear phase ramp in the spectral(More)