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  • D Y Chung
  • 1981
Quiet and masked thresholds were obtained from 5 subjects with normal hearing and 31 subjects with sensorineural hearing loss. Maskers were pure tones varying in frequency and intensity. The hearing-impaired subjects showed an abnormal spread of masking when masking was measured in terms of masked threshold. The abnormal spread of masking seems to be(More)
The prevalence of tinnitus was studied in a large population of noise-exposed workers. It was found that 6.6% had tinnitus which was more than momentary. Results of two other studies were compared. Factors possibly relating to the prevalence of tinnitus were studied. The single most important factor found to be related to tinnitus is hearing level. The(More)
Many studies have shown that the right ear statistically is slightly more sensitive than the left ear, particularly in the male adult population. In this study, we examined the lateral difference in hearing sensitivity, termed the ear effect here, in an industrial noise-exposed, nonshooting population, by sex, age, and hearing level. It was found that the(More)
Usually equal noise exposure is considered to cause symmetrical hearing loss. In studying 1 461 audiometric records of claims for noise-induced hearing loss, it was found that 69 (4.7%) had a well-defined pattern of hearing loss in which only 2 kHz is asymmetrical by 20 dB or more. Audiograms of this type suggest that the cochlea of the worse ear has been(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of power spectral analysis on fetal heart rate variability as a new diagnostic method of fetal distress. STUDY DESIGN Among 76 pregnant women who underwent computerized electronic fetal monitoring and cord blood gas analysis, we divided them into three groups: normal fetus group (36); presumed distress group (26); and(More)
A historical review of the literature concerning replantation and transplantation of reproductive organs has included studies from this laboratory, using rats, over the past 25 years. From the basic observation of ischemic and traumatic injury due to the transplantation, syngeneic testicle transplants, resulting in a partner's impregnation and histological(More)
  • D Y Chung
  • 1981
This study was undertaken basically to examine the effect of white noise masking on temporal integration and how the frequency dependence of temporal integration is related to hearing loss. The threshold differences between 500-msec and 20-msec tones at .5, 1, 2, and 4 kHz were found for 147 ears of 86 subjects with normal hearing and with various amounts(More)
The localization of microbubbles to a treatment site has been shown to be essential to their effectiveness in therapeutic applications such as targeted drug delivery and gene therapy. A variety of different strategies for achieving localization has been investigated, including biochemical targeting, acoustic radiation force, and the incorporation of(More)
Patients with high-frequency hearing loss often complain at the Workers' Compensation Board that they find it difficult to hear speech in a noisy environment. This study was undertaken to test the validity of their complaints. The experiment had a 2x3x3 factorial design. The factors were subject group (normal hearing versus sensorineural hearing loss),(More)