Daniel Xu

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Induced CREB activity is a hallmark of long-term memory, but the full repertoire of CREB transcriptional targets required specifically for memory is not known in any system. To obtain a more complete picture of the mechanisms involved in memory, we combined memory training with genome-wide transcriptional analysis of C. elegans CREB mutants. This approach(More)
Because of their large output strain, dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs) have been proposed for tunable optics applications such as tunable gratings. However, the inherent viscoelastic drift of these actuators is an important drawback and closed-loop operation of DEAs is a prerequisite for any accurate real-world application. In this paper, we show how(More)
The availability of rich …rm-level data sets has recently led researchers to uncover new evidence on the e¤ects of trade liberalization. First, trade openness forces the least productive …rms to exit the market. Secondly, it induces surviving …rms to increase their innovation e¤orts and thirdly, it increases the degree of product market competition. In this(More)
We establish that host-country …nancial development a¤ects the global operations of multinational …rms. Using detailed U.S. data, we provide robust evidence that host-country …nancial development attracts more entry by multinational a¢ liates, while also in ‡uencing a¢ liates' incentives to sell in the local market, versus to their parent country and(More)
The cover background is a snapshot of 3D models about TU Delft campus from Google Earth. The arrow illustrates the 3D data being input of the database. The traffic light with different symbols/colours shows three reactions/interpretations of database constraints toward the input. They are errors (in red) which will be stop, unusual instances (in orange)(More)
for excellent research assistance; to Tariq Raza, our project manager, and to Research Consultants (RCONS), our local survey firm, for tireless work in carrying out the firm surveys; and to Xu and several seminar audiences for helpful discussions. We are particularly grateful to Annalisa Guzzini, who shares credit for the invention of the new technology(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the association between condom use and oral contraceptive consumption and the risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted in Perth clinics. A total of 348 women responded to the structured questionnaire. Information sought included demographic and lifestyle characteristics such as the(More)
In this paper we introduce a new computationally tractable framework for Ericson and Pakes (1995)-style dynamic oligopoly models that overcomes the computational complexity involved in computing Markov perfect equilibrium (MPE). First, we define a new equilibrium concept that we call moment-based Markov equilibrium (MME), in which firms keep track of their(More)
We analyze the link between entry and R&D spending distribution. We consider a monop-olistic competitive market with free entry in which firms can invest in cost-cutting R&D by paying a fixed cost first. For an intermediate level of fixed cost, there is a unique equilibrium in which the market segments into investing and non-investing firms. We show that(More)
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