Daniel Wortmann

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In brain death, spinal reflexes and automatisms are observed which may cause irritation and even doubt in the diagnosis. In the literature there are no dedicated descriptions of the diversity and of neuroanatomical considerations. In 278 examinations of 235 patients for the determination of brain death, on 42 occasions obvious spinal reflexes and/or spinal(More)
In many scientific applications the solution of non-linear differential equations are obtained through the setup and solution of a number of successive eigenproblems. These eigenproblems can be regarded as a sequence whenever the solution of one problem fosters the initialization of the next. In addition, some eigenproblem sequences show a connection(More)
Self-organizing microstructures orientation control in femtosecond laser patterning on silicon surface" (2014). Abstract: Self-organizing rippled microstructures are induced on silicon surface by linearly polarized femtosecond laser pulses. At a near threshold fluence, it is observed that ripple orientation is co-determined by the laser polarization(More)
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