Daniel Wollschläger

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Flank transparency is the perception of a colored transparent filter evoked by apparent-motion displays containing as few as two colors. Displays of flank transparency contain a random array of line segments placed on a uniform background. Small flanks are added to the line segments if the segments fall in the interior of a moving virtual shape, such as a(More)
We analyze the properties of a dynamic color-spreading display created by adding narrow colored flanks to rigidly moving black lines where these lines fall in the interior of a stationary virtual disk. This recently introduced display (Wollschläger et al, 2001 Perception 30 1423-1426) induces the perception of a colored transparent disk bounded by strong(More)
The chromatic appearance of a surface depends on its surrounding scene. A variety of mechanisms have been proposed to account for such phenomena, ranging from low-level gain control or adaptation processes that adjust for such properties as a scene's chromatic mean and covariance structure, to higher-level computations that compensate for the chromatic(More)
Age-related change in episodic memory function is commonly reported in older adults. When detected on neuropsychological tests, it may still be difficult to distinguish normal from pathological changes. The present study investigates age-and sex-related changes in a group of healthy middle-aged and older adults, participating in a three-wave study on(More)
Dynamic texture spreading is a filling-in phenomenon where a colored pattern perceptually spreads onto an area confined by virtual contours in a multi-aperture motion display. The spreading effect is qualitatively similar to static texture spreading but widely surpasses it in strength, making it particularly suited for quantitative studies of visual(More)
Mammography and ultrasound are the gold standard imaging techniques for preoperative assessment and for monitoring the efficacy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer. Maximum accuracy in predicting pathological tumor size non-invasively is critical for individualized therapy and surgical planning. We therefore aimed to assess the accuracy of tumor(More)
In search for the elusive schizophrenia pathway, candidate genes for the disorder from a discovery sample were localized within the energy-delivering and ischemia protection pathway. To test the adult vascular-ischemic (AVIH) and the competing neurodevelopmental hypothesis (NDH), functional genomic analyses of practically all available(More)
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