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This paper presents a mobile audio space intended for use by gelled social groups. In face-to-face interactions in such social groups, conversational floors change frequently, e.g., two participants split off to form a new conversational floor, a participant moves from one conversational floor to another, etc. To date, audio spaces have provided little(More)
Confidence annotation allows a spoken dialog system to accurately assess the likelihood of misunderstanding at the utterance level and to avoid breakdowns in interaction. We describe experiments that assess the utility of features from the decoder, parser and dialog levels of processing. We also investigate the effectiveness of various classifiers,(More)
The Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub) is the online repository of the sequencing programs of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), including The Cancer Genomics Atlas (TCGA), the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) and the Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) projects, with data from 25 different types of cancer. The CGHub(More)
Automatic health monitoring helps enable independent living for the elderly by providing specific information to caregivers. This goal, called aging in place, is increasingly important as an unprecedented portion of the population enters old age. I introduce the simultaneous tracking and activity recognition (STAR) problem , whose solution provides this key(More)
PREFACE This is an independent report of the In Vitro Acute Toxicity Peer Review Panel (" Panel ") The ICCVAM and the Acute Toxicity Working Group (ATWG) will consider the Panel report, along with public comments, to prepare final test method recommendations for U.S. Federal agencies. ICCVAM test method recommendations will be forwarded to U.S. Federal(More)
Federal highway grants to states appear to boost economic activity in the short and medium term. The short-term effects appear to be due largely to increases in aggregate demand. Medium-term effects apparently reflect the increased productive capacity brought by improved roads. Overall, each dollar of federal highway grants received by a state raises that(More)
The XWand is a wireless UI device that enables styles of natural interaction with intelligent environments. The XWand system exploits human intuition , allowing control of everyday objects through pointing and gesturing. We describe the hardware device and then examine several approaches to gesture recognition. We discuss results from experiments using a(More)
Microbial virulence is a complex and often multifactorial phenotype, intricately linked to a pathogen's evolutionary trajectory. Toxicity, the ability to destroy host cell membranes, and adhesion, the ability to adhere to human tissues, are the major virulence factors of many bacterial pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus. Here, we assayed the(More)