Daniel Wilson

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This paper presents a mobile audio space intended for use by gelled social groups. In face-to-face interactions in such social groups, conversational floors change frequently, e.g., two participants split off to form a new conversational floor, a participant moves from one conversational floor to another, etc. To date, audio spaces have provided little(More)
Confidence annotation allows a spoken dialog system to accurately assess the likelihood of misunderstanding at the utterance level and to avoid breakdowns in interaction. We describe experiments that assess the utility of features from the decoder, parser and dialog levels of processing. We also investigate the effectiveness of various classifiers,(More)
In this paper we introduce the simultaneous tracking and activity recognition (STAR) problem, which exploits the synergy between location and activity to provide the information necessary for automatic health monitoring. Automatic health monitoring can potentially help the elderly population live safely and independently in their own homes by providing key(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of present study was to determine which brain regions are involved in the conscious perception of sound motion in humans. METHODS Six kinds of sound stimuli were studied. Two static sound stimuli with durations of 100 or 1000 ms remained at a fixed position during the stimulation period. Four moving sound stimuli with duration of 100 or(More)
The Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub) is the online repository of the sequencing programs of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), including The Cancer Genomics Atlas (TCGA), the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) and the Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) projects, with data from 25 different types of cancer. The CGHub(More)
Intellectual property (IP) protection involves a trade-off between the undesirability of monopoly and the desirable encouragement of creation and innovation. Optimal policy depends on the quantitative strength of these two forces. We give a quantitative assessment of IP policy. We focus particularly on the scale of the market, showing that as it increases,(More)
The main ingredient in cannabis, Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can elicit acute psychotic reactions in healthy individuals and precipitate relapse in schizophrenic patients. However, the neural mechanism of this is unknown. We tested the hypothesis that THC psychopathology is related to changes in electroencephalography (EEG) power or inter-regional(More)
  • Olafur Eliasson, Bill Henson, Daniel Von Sturmer, Mischa Kuball, Sean Cordeiro, Claire Healy +1 other
  • 2015
precedent in Kant's aesthetics—according to McMa-hon's interpretation of the CJ. Pragmatist aesthetics as a successor to Kantian aesthetics should therefore be seen in the sense of temporally subsequent though—in McMahon's view—substantially similar to the earlier theory. I have noted that the title and subtitle of the book indicate two arguments that are(More)
Phylogeographic methods aim to infer migration trends and the history of sampled lineages from genetic data. Applications of phylogeography are broad, and in the context of pathogens include the reconstruction of transmission histories and the origin and emergence of outbreaks. Phylogeographic inference based on bottom-up population genetics models is(More)