Daniel Wiklund

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With the current trend in integration of more complex systems on chip there is a need for better communication infrastructure on chip that will increase the available bandwidth and simplify the interface verification. We have previously proposed a circuit switched two-dimensional mesh network known as SoCBUS that increases performance and lowers the cost of(More)
The paper is divided into two parts. The first part of the paper gives the motivation to use SoC bus for system integration of a SoC as well as a brief review of the SoC concept, IP reuse, and research on SoC bus and SoC interconnect network. We define the SoC network as “classical SoC network” that delivers data packets on a network. We point out in the(More)
Networks are becoming increasingly popular for use as on-chip interconnects. The problems with specification and performance evaluation increase with these solutions compared to the traditional interconnect. This paper describes the design and simulation environment developed in the SoCBUS network-on-chip project. This environment is used as a basis to(More)
Efficient programmable baseband processors are important in order to enable true multi-standard radio platforms and software defined radio systems. In programmable processors, the memory sub-system accounts for a large part of both the area and power consumption. This paper presents a methodology for designing memory efficient multi-standard baseband(More)
More complex on-chip interconnection structures such as networks on chip emerge today. As the number of interconnect architectures rises there is a need to do an impartial evaluation of the performance of the interconnect structure. This is important for both the designer of the interconnect as well as for the system designer in order to achieve best(More)
This paper presents a case study of a single-chip 3G WCDMA/FDD base station implementation based on a circuit-switched network on chip. As the amount of transistors on a chip continues to increase, so does the possibility to integrate more functionality onto every chip. By combining general-purpose and application-specific hardware, it is possible to(More)