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Markerless gesture based interaction for design review scenarios
The evaluation results confirmed the assumption that gestural interfaces are a valuable utility for modern designers and engineers whose primary field of work includes large amounts of 3 dimensional data.
Collaborative Mixed Reality Exposure Therapy
An approach is presented, which extends this concept in three ways: the provision of maximum control for the therapist over the exposure environment, the inclusion of different media and mediation elements in the virtuality continuum in mixed reality, and support for co-located and remote collaboration between therapist and client.
Visionaray: A Cross-Platform Ray Tracing Template Library
The software architecture of the C++ ray tracing template library Visionaray is presented, which provides generic algorithms and data structures as building blocks for applications that traverse rays through 3-D space and proves the effectiveness of the approach by evaluating and discussing four case studies that focus on real-time rendering, scientific visualization, and virtual reality.
Manipulating 3D Content using Gestures in Design Review Scenarios
This article describes the prototype of a gesture based interface for design review scenarios and its evalua- tion. The prototype uses computer vision methods to analyze the camera images obtained
ArtefactViewer - a 3D tool for archeologists
A new free software tool called ArtefactViewer tailored specifically to the needs of archeologists working with data from 3D scans, which helps in the documentation of archeological findings and the creation of illustrations to be used in publications.
VR based Explorations of the Rhine Riverbed
Two showcases of a virtual reality simulation which provides a lively and almost realistic impression of the ecosystem and the wildlife in the Rhine river and serves as a teaching tool for communicating basic knowledge of the Rhineland ecosystem are created.