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BACKGROUND GABA(A) receptors are members of the Cys-loop family of neurotransmitter receptors, proteins which are responsible for fast synaptic transmission, and are the site of action of wide range of drugs. Recent work has shown that Cys-loop receptors are present on immune cells, but their physiological roles and the effects of drugs that modify their(More)
Clostridial neurotoxins reversibly block neuronal communication for weeks and months. While these proteolytic neurotoxins hold great promise for clinical applications and the investigation of brain function, their paralytic activity at neuromuscular junctions is a stumbling block. To redirect the clostridial activity to neuronal populations other than motor(More)
In vivo voltammetry was used to measure changes in ascorbate, which are an index of changes in the release of glutamate, and microdialysis was used to measure changes in dopamine in the striatum of freely moving rats. A 5 min tail pinch produced a rapid rise in striatal ascorbate paralleled by an increase in motor activity and a slower, more prolonged rise(More)
We report a unique case of a woman with Channelopathy-associated Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) Syndrome, who developed features of neuropathic pain after sustaining pelvic fractures and an epidural hematoma that impinged on the right fifth lumbar (L5) nerve root. Her pelvic injuries were sustained during painless labor, which culminated in a Cesarean section.(More)
Superconformal electrodeposition of copper is explained by the recently developed curvature-enhanced-accelerator coverage (CEAC) model, which is based on the assumptions that 1) the local growth velocity is proportional to the surface coverage of the accelerator, or catalyst, and 2) the catalyst remains segregated at the metal/electrolyte interface during(More)
This study tests the relations among five sources of motivation and two organizational citizenship behaviors. 175 employees from 31 locations of two agriculturally based companies completed the Motivation Sources Inventory and were rated by their supervisors for demonstrated organizational citizenship behaviors. There were significant positive correlations(More)