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Constructing with movement: kinematics
This paper describes Kinematics: a novel construction toy for children consisting of both active (shape-changing or rotating) and passive building blocks. In comparison to similar systems, the activeExpand
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UTAP - Unique Topographies for Acoustic Propagation: Designing Algorithmic Waveguides for Sensing in Interactive Malleable Interfaces
Construction and sensing within malleable interfaces is usually limited by a number of constraints. Building the interface from diverse combinations of conductive and nonconductive soft materials,Expand
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Bouncing glow: methods of creating content elements for one-pixel-displays
This paper describes novel methods of generating patterns as content for One-Pixel-Displays. These patterns of varying light intensity are created as content elements for One-Pixel-Displays orExpand
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Crap Re-Used with Lötklaus Pro: Notes on a Loop-Based Control Signal Sequencer
LKpro is a loop-based system to record, edit and play control signals. These signals can either be used to trigger cheap noisemaking children toys (aka crap) or to interrupt an audio line. LKpro wasExpand
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Volumetric linear gradient: methods for and applications of a simple volumetric display
We present Volumetric Linear Gradient, a simple volumetric display. The display consists of a fiber-optic cylinder with a diffused surface and a light emitting diode (LED) on each end. Each LED emitsExpand
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SwimSight: supporting deaf users to participate in swimming games
We believe sport should be more inclusive, and assistive devices deserve more design and innovation. In this paper we present SwimSight, a start time indication system for deaf swimmers thatExpand
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Modular system with motion-capable modules
Modular system with matable modules (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) in which are located for movement and control required electronic and mechanical components in the modules, the modular system comprises at least aExpand
Generative Music Digital Compact Cassette
Die Generative Music Digital Compact Cassette (GMD-CC) ist eine Hybridtechnologie zum Abspielen/Erzeugen generativer Echtzeitmusik im physikalischen Formfaktor einer Audiokassette. Da dezidierteExpand
Body as display: augmenting the face through transillumination
In this paper we describe our explorations of the design space offered by augmenting parts of the human face, in this case, the ears. Using light-emitting add-ons behind the ears we aim to enhanceExpand