Daniel Wesslén

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Programming real time graphics has been made more efficient by introducing high level shading languages such as Cg and GLSL. Writing shader programs can be redundant since the same functions appear in many shaders. This article suggests a method to combine single functions and create compound shaders in runtime. Redundancy is avoided by dividing programs(More)
Realistic visualization of plants and trees has recently received increased interest in various fields of applications. Limited computational power and the extreme complexity of botanical structures have called for tradeoffs between interactivity and realism. In this paper we present methods for the creation and real-time visualization of animated trees. In(More)
With tomographic in situ visualization we present a novel approach to interactive data visualization and exploration. This visualization concept is useful for presentation of spatially co-located information that is normally not visible to the human's eye. The tomographic in situ display allows for interactive cutting through data in space by using a(More)
In this paper, we describe an improved method for visualization of thermographic data in the paper and pulp process industry. We present an application that allows process operators to freely choose how absolute temperatures and time varying changes of thermographic scans should be mapped to colors and/or 3D shapes. Of the possible combinations, we selected(More)
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