Daniel Wenzler

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Identification of relevant substrates is essential for elucidation of in vivo functions of peptidases. The recent availability of the complete genome sequences of many eukaryotic organisms holds the promise of identifying specific peptidase substrates by systematic proteome analyses in combination with computer-based screening of genome databases. Currently(More)
Two light-induced growth reactions in a unicellular cylindrical sporangiophore of Phycomyces blakesleeanus-vertical growth acceleration under symmetrical irradiation (photomecism) and directional growth under unilateral irradiation (phototropism)-share common input light perception as well as common output growth mechanism but have strongly divergent(More)
Data organization and data mining represents one of the main challenges for modern high throughput technologies in pharmaceutical chemistry and medical chemistry. The presented open source documentation and analysis system provides an integrated solution (tutorial, setup protocol, sources, executables) aimed at substituting the traditionally used lab-book.(More)
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