Daniel Wehr

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As an increasing number of genes and open reading frames of unknown function are discovered, expression of the encoded proteins is critical toward establishing function. Accordingly, there is an increased need for highly efficient, high-fidelity methods for directional cloning. Among the available methods, site-specific recombination-based cloning(More)
The control and eventual eradication of H5N2 influenza virus from domestic poultry in Mexico is dependent on the use of avian influenza (AI) vaccine strategies. This study was performed to determine the amount of hemagglutinin (HA) antigen required to control the signs of disease from a highly pathogenic H5N2 influenza virus (A/Chicken/ Queretaro/19/95) and(More)
We present a method for mining game logs for plays, sequences of actions for a group of units achieving an objective with a high likelihood and in many logs. The mining moves through a log backwards, identifying states that achieve the objective and taking this state and certain surrounding ones as a play candidate. After filtering out irrelevant(More)
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