Daniel Wegkamp

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The electronic and structural properties of a material are strongly determined by its symmetry. Changing the symmetry via a photoinduced phase transition offers new ways to manipulate material properties on ultrafast timescales. However, to identify when and how fast these phase transitions occur, methods that can probe the symmetry change in the time(More)
Using femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy we demonstrate that photoexcitation transforms monoclinic VO2 quasi-instantaneously into a metal. Thereby, we exclude an 80 fs structural bottleneck for the photoinduced electronic phase transition of VO2. First-principles many-body perturbation theory calculations reveal a high sensitivity of the(More)
We study the ultrafast quasiparticle dynamics in and below the ZnO conduction band using femtosecond time-resolved two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy. Above band gap excitation causes hot electron relaxation by electron-phonon scattering down to the Fermi level E_{F} followed by ultrafast (200 fs) formation of a surface exciton (SX). Transient screening(More)
Using femtosecond time-resolved two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy, we determine (i) the vertical binding energy (VBE = 0.8 eV) of electrons in the conduction band in supported amorphous solid water (ASW) layers, (ii) the time scale of ultrafast trapping at pre-existing sites (22 fs), and (iii) the initial VBE (1.4 eV) of solvated electrons before(More)
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