Daniel Warnock

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BACKGROUND Patients with acute renal failure (ARF) have high morbidity and mortality rates, particularly if they have serious comorbid conditions. Several studies indicate that in rats with ARF caused by ischemia or certain nephrotoxins, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) enhances the recovery of renal function and suppresses protein catabolism. METHODS(More)
A nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test targeting Aspergillus spp. large ribosomal subunit genes was evaluated retrospectively on 175 serum samples from 37 bone marrow transplant recipients, 70% of whom received grafts from unrelated donors. Six patients had proven infection, seven had probable infection, and three had possible infection, using the(More)
Surveillance for fungal diseases is essential to improve our understanding of their epidemiology and to enable research and prevention efforts to be prioritized. In order to conduct better surveillance for fungal diseases, it is important to develop more accurate and timely diagnostic tests, to follow rigorous epidemiological methods and to have adequate(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the concentrations of itraconazole in serum and saliva after treatment with itraconazole cyclodextrin solution or itraconazole capsules in Candida-associated denture stomatitis patients without evidence of immunodeficiency. Forty patients were randomly assigned to receive either itraconazole cyclodextrin solution or(More)
Systemic infection with Cryptococcosis neoformans is described in a young man receiving maintenance haemodialysis. The organism was identified in thin sections of a cervical lymph node using resin embedding and silver staining. There were no predisposing factors other than uraemia. His clinical infection responded to the combination of oral 5-flucytosine(More)
This report is one in a series of Southern Cooperative bulletins. Under the cooperative publication procedure, it becomes, in effect, a separate publication for each of the cooperating stations. The lead station for this study was the Abstract Marketing-and production-related data have been collected as part of the S-1021 Research Committee=s activity since(More)
BACKGROUND The management of pilon fractures of the distal tibia is fraught with complications. Poor initial management leads to a poorer outcome. Protection of the soft tissue envelope is paramount and to achieve this objective early fracture reduction, restoration of leg length and elevation are important principles in the management of severe injuries.(More)
Fabry disease is an X-linked metabolic storage disorder due to the deficiency of lysosomal alpha-galactosidase A which causes accumulation of glycosphingolipids, primarily globotriaosylceramide, throughout the body. Gastrointestinal signs and symptoms-abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and diverticular disease--are some of the most frequently reported(More)
We report a case of epididymo-orchitis and secondary fungaemia caused by Candida (previously Torulopsis) glabrata in an 83-year-old male patient who had diabetes mellitus, urinary outflow obstruction and previous bladder malignancy. We believe this to be a previously unreported site of infection with C. glabrata and we describe its rapid and successful(More)
Early designs of Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) had a high failure rate. More recent experience with the 3-piece, meniscal bearing, total ankle replacement has been more promising. We report a review of the early results of our first 22 prostheses in 20 patients undergoing Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR) in Northern Ireland. There was a mean(More)