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<i>Lenses</i>--bidirectional transformations between pairs of connected structures--have been extensively studied and are beginning to find their way into industrial practice. However, some aspects of their foundations remain poorly understood. In particular, most previous work has focused on the special case of <i>asymmetric lenses</i>, where one of the(More)
Fighting global security threats with only a local view is inherently difficult. Internet network operators need to fight global phenomena such as botnets, but they are hampered by the fact that operators can observe only the traffic in their local domains. We propose a <i>collaborative</i> approach to this problem, in which operators share aggregate(More)
A lens is a bidirectional transformation between a pair of connected data structures, capable of translating an edit on one structure into an appropriate edit on the other. Many varieties of lenses have been studied, but none, to date, has offered a satisfactory treatment of how edits are represented. Many foundational accounts only consider edits of the(More)
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