Daniel Wagner

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Fragility fractures of the pelvic ring (FFP) are increasing in frequency and require challenging treatment. A new comprehensive classification considers both fracture morphology and degree of instability. The classification system also provides recommendations for type and invasiveness of treatment. In this article, a literature review of treatment(More)
Terrain rendering has heretofore been computed by a CPU and rendered by a combination of CPU and GPU. It is possible to implement a fast terrain renderer which works optimally with current 3D hardware. This is done by using geo-mipmapping which splits the terrain into a set of smaller meshes called patches. Each patch is triangulated view-dependently into(More)
The aim of the present work was to demonstrate P-glycoprotein's involvement in the non-linear talinolol pharmacokinetics using an advanced compartment and transit model (ACAT) and to compare the results predicted from the model to the finding of a phase I dose escalation study with oral talinolol doses increasing from 25 to 400 mg. Besides minimum input(More)
The complex anatomy of the sacrum makes surgical fracture fixation challenging. We developed statistical models to investigate sacral anatomy with special regard to trans-sacral implant fixation. We used computed tomographies of 20 intact adult pelves to establish 3D statistical models: a surface model of the sacrum and the trans-sacral corridor S1,(More)
OBJECTIVE The number of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) undergoing inhibitable and saturable intestinal efflux is considerable. As a consequence, absorption and bioavailability may depend on the intestinal concentration profile of the drug and may vary as a function of dose and release rate of the drug from the dosage form. The impact of controlled(More)
Probabilisticmodel checking is a technique for verifyingwhether amodel such as aMarkov chain satisfies a probabilistic, behavioral property – e.g. ‘‘with probability at least 0.999, a device will be elected leader’’. Such properties are expressible in probabilistic temporal logics, e.g. PCTL, and efficient algorithms exist for checking whether these(More)
BACKGROUND Fragility fractures of the sacrum are increasing in prevalence due to osteoporosis and epidemiological changes and are challenging in their treatment. They exhibit specific fracture patterns with unilateral or bilateral fractures lateral to the sacral foramina, and sometimes an additional transverse fracture leads to spinopelvic dissociation. The(More)
The complication rate of a tension band wiring (TBW) used for the internal fixation of olecranon fractures remains high. The aim of this study was to compare the stability of a novel olecranon tension plate (OTP) with TBW in a simulated fracture model. We tested 12 fresh frozen-pairs of cadaver proximal ulnae treated with OTP and TBW under cyclic loading.(More)
During the performance of dissolution tests with immediate and controlled-release talinolol tablets it was detected that the type of the buffer used as dissolution medium had a strong influence on the solubility and the dissolution behavior of the drug. It was proven that talinolol appeared in different crystal structures with strongly differing(More)
We present Hintikka games for formulae of the probabilistic temporal logic PCTL and countable labeled Markov chains as models, giving an operational account of the denotational semantics of PCTL on such models. Winning strategies have a decent degree of compositionality in the parse tree of a PCTL formula and express the precise evidence for truth or(More)