Daniel W. Griffin

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In this paper, we present an algorithm to estimate a signal from its modified short-time Fourier transform (STFT). This algorithm is computationally simple and is obtained by minimizing the mean squared error between the STFT of the estimated signal and the modified STFT. Using this algorithm, we also develop an iterative algorithm to estimate a signal from(More)
A speech model, referred to as the multiband excitation model, is presented. In this model the band around each harmonic of the fundamental frequency is declared voiced or unvoiced. Estimation methods for the parameters of the model are developed and methods to synthesize speech from the model parameters are described. To illustrate a potential application(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare live birth rates after dual trigger of oocyte maturation with GnRH agonist (GnRHa) and low-dose hCG versus GnRHa alone in high responders with peak E(2) <4,000 pg/mL at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING University-based tertiary-care fertility center. PATIENT(S) Patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the percentage (%) of mature oocytes retrieved in patients with a previous history of >25% immature oocytes retrieved who were triggered with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH-a) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to induce oocyte maturation. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING A university-based tertiary(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the rate of congenital anomalies, obstetrical complications, and neonatal complications in antagonist cycles where either GnRH agonist (GnRHa) or hCG was used for final oocyte maturation. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING University-based tertiary fertility center. PATIENT(S) Three hundred ninety-two women under 40 years(More)
BACKGROUND Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) of the uterus are rare but potentially life-threatening lesions. The typical presentation includes intermittent, heavy and profuse vaginal bleeding, often refractory to medical therapy. CASE We present the case of a 25-year-old woman presenting 18 months after a 22-week pregnancy loss complicated by a(More)
Multiple gestations resulting from IVF continue to be a major problem associated with maternal/neonatal morbidity and mortality including preterm labour/delivery, pre-eclampsia and post-partum haemorrhage. A prospective survey at a university IVF clinic evaluated the effect of education and insurance coverage on patients' preferences for single-embryo(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the ovulation rate after ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate (CC) in women who had previously been ovulatory after a stair-step (CC-SS) ovulation induction. DESIGN Retrospective cohort. SETTING University-based tertiary fertility center. PATIENT(S) 61 anovulatory patients <40 years of age with polycystic ovary syndrome(More)
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