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S cientists and engineers in small firms are far more likely than their large firm counterparts to enter entrepreneurship. We label this phenomenon the small firm effect and explore its origins. In particular, we identify four classes of explanations for the small firm effect—preference sorting, ability sorting, opportunity cost, and the possibility that(More)
O rganization scholars have highlighted the value of relationships in fostering effective exchange, suggesting that repeated exchange creates a relational asset with latent value derived from elevated social connections, norms, and simple expectations of exchange continuity. Yet the empirical evidence supporting such claims remains largely indirect. As a(More)
Quality certification programs are used to improve consumers' ability to identify high-quality products or sellers in markets with information asymmetries. Using data from eBay UK's online marketplace, we study how certification's benefits vary with market-and seller-level attributes, exploiting quasi-experimental variation in sellers' certification status.(More)
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