Daniel W. Carney

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An approach is described for modelling the three-dimensional structure of a protein from the tertiary structures of several homologous proteins that have been determined by X-ray analysis. A method is developed for the simultaneous superposition of several protein molecules and for the calculation of an 'average structure' or 'framework'. Investigation of(More)
A systematic technique for protein modelling that is applicable to the design of drugs, peptide vaccines and novel proteins is described. Our approach is knowledge-based, depending on the structures of homologous or analogous proteins and more generally on a relational data base of protein three-dimensional structures. The procedure simultaneously aligns(More)
The cyclic acyldepsipeptide (ADEP) antibiotics are a new class of antibacterial agents that kill bacteria via a mechanism that is distinct from all clinically used drugs. These molecules bind and dysregulate the activity of the ClpP peptidase. The potential of these antibiotics as antibacterial drugs has been enhanced by the elimination of pharmacological(More)
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