Daniel Vogel

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Implicit authentication (IA) uses behavioural biometrics to provide continuous authentication on smartphones. IA has been advocated as more usable when compared to traditional explicit authentication schemes, albeit with some security limitations. Consequently researchers have proposed that IA provides a middle-ground for people who do not use traditional(More)
Touch input implicit authentication (``touch IA'') employs behavioural biometrics like touch location and pressure to continuously and transparently authenticate smartphone users. We provide the first ever evaluation of targeted mimicry attacks on touch IA and show that it fails against shoulder surfing and offline training attacks. Based on experiments(More)
Illustrations of human movements are used to communicate ideas and convey instructions in many domains, but creating them is time-consuming and requires skill. We introduce DemoDraw, a multi-modal approach to generate these illustrations as the user physically demonstrates the movements. In a Demonstration Interface, DemoDraw segments speech and 3D joint(More)
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