Daniel Vincenz

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BACKGROUND Schizophrenia is associated with cortical thickness reductions in the brain, but it is unclear whether these are present before illness onset, and to what extent they are driven by genetic factors. METHODS In the Edinburgh High Risk Study, structural MRI scans of 150 young individuals at high familial risk for schizophrenia, 34 patients with(More)
Predator odors represent a group of biologically-relevant chemosignals called kairomones. Kairomones enable prey animals to recognize potential predatory threats in their environment and to initiate appropriate defensive responses. Although the behavioral repertoire of anti-predatory responses (e.g. avoidance, freezing, risk assessment) has been(More)
Studies of brain cytoarchitecture in mammals are routinely performed by serial sectioning of the specimen and staining of the sections. The procedure is labor-intensive and the 3D architecture can only be determined after aligning individual 2D sections, leading to a reconstructed volume with non-isotropic resolution. Propagation-based x-ray phase-contrast(More)
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